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The impact of iOS 14.5

There are already plenty of articles out there on the effects that iOS 14.5, and IDFA deprecation, have had on performance marketing. These are articles about…

With keywords covered, let’s now look at ads, and the role they play in paid search. For a brief refresher, ads appear on a search results page (SERP) when a keyword in the same ad group wins an auction. If there’s only on ad in the ad group, that ad…

If you’ve been following along, you should by now know that there are these rather important things in paid search called keywords. They exist in ad groups (which in turn exist in campaigns), and they define what search terms you bid in.

Let’s stop here for a second and make…

Just like auctions, account structure is often seen as one of the less sexy topics within paid search. This is a huge shame though, as how you structure your account is arguably one of the most fundamental and impactful decisions you can make while running paid search. But first:

What is an account structure?


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